Leapfrog 100 Things That Go



Take a road trip to the land of learning with the 100 Things That Go interactive book! Hear 100+ words about modes of transportation from dog sleighs and dumper trucks to skates and school buses.

Learn in both English & French

Six double-sided, touch-sensitive pages feature vocabulary in English and French. Simply flip the language switch to hear words, phrases and descriptions in either language. Triple the fun with three play modes so you can learn about Words, Sounds and Fun Facts on every page of this bilingual book for kids.

Two learning songs

The light-up star plays two learning songs in English and French. The imaginative artwork engages kiddos with detail-rich illustrations. On the road, on the sea, on the job and in your neighbourhood—this portable book gives little ones a window into ways to move in the world around them. Story time is learning time with LeapFrog books.

Product Features

  • Touch the pictures to learn about transportation and ways to move.
  • Touching the words on the pages plays the words, exciting sound effects and fun facts.
  • Everything in the book can be heard in both English and French for a full bilingual experience

            Suitable for Children aged: 18months+