Lexibook 7 piece Musical Instruments Set Frozen

Type: Musical Toys


Start your music journey with this wonderful music set! 7 instruments in 1, This complete set is perfect for the budding musicians. 

Musical instruments benefit growth

Various musical instruments provide a wide range of beautiful sounds can help your children to experiment with beat and rhythm, develop kids passion to music instrumentals and creates more interactions between the parents and the kids from playing musical toys.

All musical instruments accessories are made of high-quality material with lead free paint.

With smooth surfaces that have no sharp edges for safety, you won’t need to worry about injuries.

Box Contains

  • Made up of 1 drum with 1 pair of sticks,
  • 1 pair of maracas,
  • 1 castanet,
  • 1 tambourine,
  • 3 Wind instruments: harmonica, recorder, and trumpet.

 Suitable for Children aged 3+