Polly Pocket Wall Party Assortment

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by Mattel


What would a day without adventures be? Polly and her friends will never know because each day is a new adventure - especially when the fun moves from floor to wall! 

  • The set is attached to the wall using the included 3M Command patches, which allow assembly and disassembly on the wall without destroying it! 
  • A balloon hanged on a cloud can "fly" over Polly's wall world, visiting different places. 
  • Open the balloon to find a picnic spot or to store various items inside.
  • The camp offers a hidden storage space under the tent, and in addition there is a swing to relax.
  • Polly and her friends can also go to a juice bar and have something good to eat. There is more storage space behind the partition.

For even more fun in the clouds, it is possible to use the cable car connections in the camp and juice bar and connect them with other parts of the world on the wall.

Product Details

  • The balloon set includes 2 puffs, a Polly doll and a picnic
  • The camping set includes a Polly doll, a campfire, a guitar and other related accessories
  • The juice bar includes a Chrissy doll and other accessories that are great for making snacks and other goodies.

Suitable for Children aged 4+