GLUBSCHIS Cuddly Toy Cat Tabbrey Green 15 cm



GLUBSCHIS CAT Tabbrey likes to look into her green glitter eyes; its unique tiger plush fur, the adorable facial expression, the pink nose with the long whiskers and the eye-catching glitter material on the ears and paws enchants small and large cat fans in no time

This collection is part of the Nici Green product world; for Nici Green products we use almost only plush and fillers that are made from recycled materials; especially the PET bottles are processed into RPET

Cuddly plush friend – your own pet, that would be great. With the original GLUBSCHIS cuddly toys Dalmatian Dottino, cat Tabbrey, cat Felinja and hamster Stubbi you get animal play and collecting fun from Nici home; their large glitter eyes, the high-quality plush material and the unique design ensure heartbeat for young and old

  • Ideal as a gift – for children, adults and all Nici fans; the perfect gift for birthdays, for the loved ones, birth, christening, or just because; cuddly toy for girls, boys and babies is looking forward to carefree play and cuddling hours with your new human friend
  • Highest quality – every single product is designed with great attention to detail; we use only high-quality materials for our cuddly toys and gift items; whether as a gift for a birthday, Easter or Christmas or as a special souvenir, the Nici products ensure radiant eyes and put a smile on everyone's face

        Suitable for children aged 1+