DC Super Hero Girls - Action Flying Super Girl Doll (6 inches)

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by Mattel


This DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl 6-inch flying figure takes flight with a simple pull of the string mechanism. Pull back the string to see the figure fly up into the air! This favorite Super Hero teen is ready for action wearing her iconic outfit with its red and blue color scheme, S-shield logo and red flowing cape – watch it twirl with dramatic action as Supergirl flies through the air! Take flight with this powerful teen from DC Super Hero High to find your own unique abilities and discover your true potential.


Join the Super Hero Students of Super Hero High!

At Super Hero High, young Super Heroes discover the art of being an amazing Super Hero -- and a remarkable human being. United by friendship, these teens find their inner heroes and help you uncover yours, too. Unleash your power and bring the action to life with this flying Supergirl™ figure and launcher that really help imaginations take flight.

​Launch into Super Hero Action with Supergirl™ Flying Figure and Launcher!

The action is easy to activate! Load Supergirl™ figure into the launcher and pull back the string to see the figure fly up into the air! As Supergirl™ flying figure takes off, she spins, adding more action and drama for a real Super Hero special effect! Aim for targets, go for distance or play out adventurous Super Hero tales.

Bring the Adventure to Life!

Supergirl™ is ready to fly anywhere dressed in her signature Super Hero outfit. Her iconic red and blue look features the S-shield emblem and her flowing red cape. The must-have Super Hero accessory is easily spotted twirling as she flies through the air.

​Find Your Inner Hero with these Super Hero Teens!

Young imaginations will love exploring the unique powers of Supergirl™ and her fellow Super Hero students -- while finding their own inner heroes along the way! From the ability to fly to having a super-high IQ to controlling plants, the powerful students of DC Super Hero High strive to use their abilities for good -- and good grades. Bring the adventure to life!

                    Age Suitability: 6 to 10 years

                    Includes: 1x DC Super Hero Girls - Action Flying Super Girl Doll