DC Super Hero Girls - Wonder Woman Feature Doll (12 inches)

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by Mattel


Join the Super Hero Students of DC Super Hero High!

​At DC Super Hero High, young Super Heroes get schooled in the art of being an amazing Super Hero - and a remarkable human being. With the help of her friends, Wonder Woman, the courageous born leader from Themyscira, finds her inner hero and - with special effects that bring her powers to life using lights, sounds and phrases - she can help you uncover yours, too!

Powerful Special Effects with Lights, Sound and Movement!

​Start the adventurous action by pressing the button on the back of Wonder Woman doll. Her arms move up and down in a dynamic movement as she emits sounds and phrases recognisable from the web series. At the same time, lights are activated on her 'bulletproof' gauntlets that shine through the transparent centre of her removable golden shield for a powerfully impressive effect. Repeat whenever her super-fast reflexes are needed to save the day!

​Leap into Action with an Action-Ready Look!

​Wonder Woman doll is ready for action in her signature outfit featuring a red top with golden collar, blue pants with star detail and tall red boots adorned with wings. Her armour/chest plate, golden tiara and Lasso of Truth provide powerful additions for storytelling fun. And a doll stand lets you capture amazing poses and action moments!

Find Your Inner Hero with DC Super Hero Girls!

​From routine school days to action-packed adventures, the DC Super Hero teens learn to master their super powers (which can be stressful) and combat the awkward moments of growing up (which can be even more stressful!). Young imaginations will love exploring the lives of these super teens along with their unique powers - and finding their own inner heroes along the way!

                Suitable for Children aged 6+

                Includes: 1x DC Super Hero Girls - Wonder Woman Feature Doll (12 inches)