Dede Shape sorter cube

by Dede
Type: Baby Toys


Baby's problem-solving skills develop through putting and picking up, classifying blocks, and matching shapes. The product has passed health tests.

Product Features

Add the dice and press the shapes through the matching holes.

  • Make learning fun for babies and small children. It allows the recognition of shapes, fine gross motor skills and hand/eye coordination.
  • Simple Puzzles, like this shape sorting cube is a fun way to, to encourage babies and toddlers and develops important skills such as manual dexterity.
  • Small Kids just Love the colourful shapes to pick up and out to work, which holes they can be pushed in.

The Cube is decorated multicoloured For Additional pleasure.

Product Details:

  • Build the dice with 6 puzzles
  • Press 12 shapes by matching holes
  • Ideal for developing manual dexterity
  • Allows you to shape recognition

Product includes:

  • 6 Cube Puzzle sections and
  • 12 coloured shapes.

Suitable for children aged: 12 months+