Disney - Set of 5 Stitch figures

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Stitch  is a funny character known from the fairy tale  Lilo and Stitch , who appeared on Earth as a visitor from outer space. 

Although initially he was a creature that destroyed everything in his path, when he met his little friend Lilo, his whole world turned upside down. Kreacher is completely transformed, knowing that Lilo will do anything to show the true power of love together with her sister.

A set of  5 collectible figurines  inspired by the blue creature will be a great gift idea for all children

  • The height of one figure is approx. 6 cm.

The package includes:

  • Stitch in the superhero,
  • alien,
  • angel,
  • Hula dancer and
  • basic versions with his favorite, handmade Scrump doll.

Suitable for children aged 3+