Eitech Starter Box Plane



Build a simple metal double-decker aircraft from this starter kit.

All components are inter-connectable and can be mixed together with other eitech metal construction kits or expansion kits.

With eitech, kids can:

  • construct according to included instructions;
  • customise the suggested models;
  • construct something entirely new through own creativity

Product Features

These metal construction sets promote creativity and three-dimensional thinking and a sense of achievement of having built a complex model with their own hands.

  • Made of durable polished stainless steel from Germany for longevity
  • Parts are interchangeable with all eitech metal construction sets
  • Promotes innovation, creativity, and cognitive development
  • Hands-on STEM based learning by creating exciting replicas for both children and adults

For school or home, eitech sets are the ultimate learning tool for aspiring engineers, teaching children valuable hands on motor skills, learning how to follow directions, and basic STEM skills.

Includes easy-to-read illustrated instructions and basic tools (screwdriver, spanner, wrench)

Suitable for Children aged 6+