Enchantimals Vehicle and Pet Assortment

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by Mattel
Type: Dolls


Meet this fun fairy tale Enchantimals with always cheerful girls who are ready for every new adventure with their pets. 

Play a forest adventure with this set, which includes a doll, a pet and many accessories! 

Will you choose the Merit Monkey mobile fruit shop, which, in addition to a doll with an animal, also contains a great fruit and drink shop, or the Sane with the Flick fox in the winter version? 

Product Features

  • Both the bicycle and the tricycle have rotating wheels. 
  • Smaller accessories, such as a tithe or a helmet, give the game a twist.
  • The 15 cm dolls, half-girls and half-animals, have scarves in beautiful bright colours and accessories matched to their cute animals.
  • Let this Enchantimals playset enchant you. 
  • There are a bunch of bananas, pineapple basket jug and 2 fruity drinks that look good enough to eat and drink!

Product Details

  • Roll into fun with the fruit cart play set the exclusive Enchantimals Merit Monkey doll and her monkey bestie, Compass, have a fruit cart stocked with supplies!
  • The colourful fruit cart has two bright yellow wheels, a pink push handle, shelves and a hook to display the fruity treats
  • Feed the forest with a bunch of bananas, a basket of berries, a pineapple, a jug and two fruity drinks
  • The six-inch Merit Monkey doll is ready to serve up fun wearing a colourful look with floral print on the removable skirt and matching yellow boots. Pretty brown hair and monkey ears will delight animal lovers!
  • Compass is just as cute with a curly tail of its own and a pink flower on its head

     Suitable for Children aged 3+

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