Enchantimals doll and friend puppies with themed set Assortment

by Mattel
Type: Dolls House


Here are Enchantimals themed play sets with dolls, animal figurines and accessories. The heroes of Enchantimals live in an enchanted forest. And yes, they are magical! Girls and their pets seem to form a single whole: each girl is incredibly similar to her animal. Together they make friends, have fun, help each other and guard the enchanted forest. All new characters have a name, personality and story. And exciting cartoons come out with your favourite heroines!

The range includes several sets: 

  • Flamingo Holiday. The set includes a Fancy Flamingo doll, 2 flamingo figurines, a table with a cake and 2 gifts. Fancy Flamingo looks so much like her pets! 
  • She also has green eyes and pink long hair that can be combed. She is wearing a cute dress, made in light colours, trimmed with fur. And on the legs of our heroine, shoes in the form of flamingos flaunt, complementing the image. 
  • Her pets also have a fur decoration in the form of a collar. All those present are wearing festive turquoise caps.
  • The festive atmosphere is also created by a table with a flamingo leg, a cake with a candle and 2 gifts.
  • Picnic in nature. With this set, you can play out a scene of a picnic in nature, which Bran went to with his cubs. They are so similar to each other! Bran has bear ears and a nose.
  • She also has luxurious chestnut curls and blue eyes. She is dressed in a plaid dress and a fur cape, and on her feet she has shoes in the form of bear cubs. 
  • Together with her, two of her animals go on a picnic: a larger light-coloured teddy bear and a smaller dark one.
  • They have a charming little blue basket with a pink handle. The lid of the basket opens, which means that you can put everything you need inside. For example, dishes, food and a checkered blanket. 
  • Now you need to choose a place for a picnic. A clearing in an enchanted forest is perfect. Spread a blanket on the grass and lay out the products, you can start the fun!
  • Tales for the night. Ohana puts her owlets to bed. How they all look alike: Ohana has light gray skin and an owl-shaped nose. She also has blue eyes and long blue hair that can be combed. 
  • Ohana is dressed in a dress depicting the night sky, and on her feet are shoes in the form of owlets. 
  • To make her pets fall asleep, she put them in a wicker basket with a cozy pink pillow and brought milk with chocolate chip cookies.
  •  After such a treat, sleep will be even sweeter! Playing with this set, the girl can read fairy tales to the owlets or invent stories and lullabies for them herself!.


  • movable arms, legs and head of the doll;
  • soft hair that can be combed;
  • doll, 2 pet figures, additional accessories included.
  •  Doll height: 15 cm.

Suitable for children aged 4+