Hot Wheels Vehicle from the Movie Fast and Furious

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Fast & Furious is the action-Packed global film franchise built on speed, pulse-pounding stunts and supercharged cars.

Now you can be the driver as you and a character from the Fast & Furious films play out epic action scenes! Fast & Furious Basic Stunt Stars include a 1:32 scale vehicle and action figure based on characters from the Fast & Furious films.

Two-inch figures fully articulate, can be launched from their vehicles, and have "magnetic" ability to hang on the hoods and trunks of the cars!

Press the launching button and watch your action figure jump from the vehicle.

Characters are paired with their iconic cars (figures can even fit inside the vehicles!), so kids will have a blast recreating their favourite scenes from the Fast & Furious movies!

Perfect for car enthusiasts and Fast & Furious fans.