Dede Chef Kitchen Set

by Dede
Type: Summer Toys


Dede toy chef kitchen set, makes the cooking game more fun and realistic, is one of the games that children like and love most when they are young.

Creating a great space for children to socialise with their friends, the toy also helps to develop children's imagination. 

Product Details:

  • CHEF KITCHEN GAME: One of the games that children like and love the most when they are young Dede toy chef kitchen set which makes the cooking game more fun and realistic is one of the toys that never goes out of fashion.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The playset is in the form of a kitchen counter which makes it easy to carry to the desired place with its lightweight design and helps to lift the toys properly when it is not used..
  • IMAGINATION: With the chef kitchen set consisting of 16 pieces and containing different kitchen appliances such as dishes dishes pots pans children turn into real chefs..
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: It is produced from raw materials that do not contain carcinogenic substances and are suitable for children's health. 360 x 130 x 540 mm 17 pieces.

    Suitable for childred aged: 3+