Disney's Minnie Mouse Vehicle Assortment

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by Mattel
Type: Vehicles


Daisy's Duck Car with Figure and Puppy 

Daisy sets off to visit her friends at the playground and take a drive at this beautiful time. Of course, you won’t even leave your favourite little puppy at home who is also a fan of hiking. 

  • Daisy’s car fits in perfectly with her individuality, as she immediately attracts attention with her bright green colour and pink dots. 
  • Take Daisy on this wonderful journey!

Fisher-Price’s new Disney character toys have been developed specifically for younger children.

Product Includes:

  • Car
  • Daisy figurine
  • Puppy figurine

Put Daisy and the puppy in the car!

Daisy's Sail Boat

Child will love playing with Daisy and her Sail boat

  • Have Daisy race around the water in her Sail Boat
  • Dry Daisy off with her towel after her water adventures

Product Includes:

  • Daisy, Sail Boat, and Towel

Minnie Mouse Daisy Pet Vehicle

Minnie Mouse is ready to play with her cute kitty friend!

  • This adorable figure pack comes with a themed plastic Minnie figure along with a figure of Minnie's cute kitty friend.
  • Put kitty to sleep in her comfy pet-bed, and feed kitty her cat food and water with her own special 2-sided feeding dish.

It's everything you and Minnie need to take care of her special pet friend!"

 Suitable for children aged 2+