Found It Outdoor, Scavenger Hunt for Kids



Found it! is an exciting twist on a scavenger hunt.

It helps children learn as they 'search & find' objects around the house based on interesting prompts.

  • Found it! is an exciting outdoor game that helps children learn as they go on the most exciting ‘Search & Find’ with prompts like Can you find…"Something that is heavier than a leaf? Something round?” etc.!
  • Players must shout "FOUND IT!" as soon as they get their hands on the object! The first one to win 7 cards wins the game!
  • Get your family ready for a super fun time in the park, on the beach, when out camping and even in the backyard.

Product includes

  • This game includes 50 Game Cards, an instruction manual and an easy-to-carry case making this game perfect for outdoors and travel.
  • Playing this game makes children more aware of their surroundings and boosts observational & problem solving skills. 

Product Features

  • Phonological awareness, Measurements & Opposites, Numbers and Counting, Color Recognition and Mixing, Our body & health, Shapes & Spatial relationships.

            Suitable for Children aged 4+