Frank Cinderella 60pc Puzzle

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The Frank Cinderella is a jigsaw puzzle which is designed for all the little girls who love the fairytale of Cinderella.

  • This set includes one jigsaw puzzle as well as 60 puzzle pieces. The image that little kids are supposed to make using the pieces provided with the Cinderella picture puzzle is printed on the front side of the box.
  • It features a colourful and bright picture of Cinderella leaving her shoe behind and running out of the ball in the palace, while the prince is following her.
Helps with Your Child's Overall Development
  • The Frank Cinderella puzzle can keep your little one engrossed for a long time. This picture puzzle for kids teaches children to concentrate on the task at hand and have patience.
  • It is even great for enhancing your child's hands-on skills as well as hand-eye co-ordination. Besides keeping them entertained for hour on end, the fun-filled activity can improve their memory skills.
  • What's more, the educational game for kids develops imagination and offers visual stimulation. The puzzle can even help them with the development of problem-solving skills.

                Suitable for Children aged 5+

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