Frank Cinderella Puzzle

by Frank
Type: Kids Puzzles


Presenting to the forever loved Cinderella and her story in the form of an interactive and colourful puzzle. Read aloud the magical fairy tale of Cinderella along with your child and let him engage in completing the puzzles which contain scenes from the story.

  • Improve your child's visual skills and memory as he/she is enthralled by this set of 3 jigsaw puzzles while also improve your child's problem-solving abilities. This masterpiece of dimension 22.5 x 15 cm for each puzzle, designed creatively with good quality cardboard and an excellent print with bright colours will not just amaze your child but will last in the long run.
  • The main characters of the film are included in it to pique your child's interest in solving it. 

These picture puzzles are ideal for children, providing them with endless amount of fun, learning experience and a sense of achievement, which not only keeps them engrossed but also helps in developing their self confidence as well as patience. 


  • 3 puzzle set (26pieces each)

              Suitable for Children aged 4+