Frank Disney The Jungle Book Puzzle

by Frank
Type: Kids Puzzles


An amazing and interesting animated comedy film “The Jungle Book” is now available in the form of a creatively designed Jigsaw Puzzle.

  • Explore this amazing world of animals starring the main character “Mowgli” who is a young boy among all the animals in the jungle. The Jungle Book is a 1967 American animated musical comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions. 
  • The story line of this film is as follows. Mowgli is a young boy who has been raised by wolves. When a man-eating tiger threatens his life, his animal family tries to convince him to leave the jungle and live in the human village. Sounds fun and interesting right?
  • This jigsaw puzzle comprises 60 pieces and depicts the well-known characters from the above-mentioned animated musical comedy film.
  • This power packed jigsaw puzzle will improve your son’s visual skills, mnemonic skills, improve concentration power, ability to solve problems and much more. The vivid colours will develop the colour recognition ability of your son and the beautiful lustful background will pique his attention.
  • Grab this large jigsaw puzzle for your little son as he will have exposure to the various animals as well as the young boy “Mowgli”. Identify them and get to learn their names. How each animal looks, how they are different from one another and also that Mowgli has a different physical appearance from these animals.
  • So it's not just fun and entertainment but also an advanced learning tool for your son Identifying which piece fits where in the puzzle will also help your son to learn the different physical parts of these universally known and loved characters, boost his memory and improve his hand-eye coordination.
  • Time management will be another thing to master from this fun-filled and educational puzzle

              Suitable for Children aged 5+