Frank Knitting Jenny

by Frank

Description Includes

Introduce Your Child to Knitting The Frank Knitting Jenny makes for a great gift for creative children. You can even consider getting it for kids who are enthusiastic about learning new things.

  • This knitting kit gives them a way of showing their creativity and expressing themselves by making new things. All the accessories that your little girl may need to learn knitting have been included in the set. It comes with a long loom stand and needles.
  • What's more, you even get 60g of double knit yarn and an instruction manual to guide children.Easy-to-Use Educational Toy The instruction manual included in the Knitting Jenny set teaches little girls the process that can be used to knit on the long loom stand.
  • This knitting kit for kids is an extremely simple way of knitting loads of things such as mittens and booties for babies, bobble hats, scarves, shoulder bags and much more. You can even encourage your little girl to decorate these with tassel fringes and pompoms.
  • The educational toy for kids can improve self-worth and boosts imaginative and creative thinking. It can even develop your little one's memory and concentration skills.

Product Includes

  • Long loom stand, needles and yarn

      Suitable for Children aged 7+