Frank My First Shape, Size & Colour Game

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This Frank My First Shape, Size & Colour Game is designed to help little ones stay put and have fun while learning. Keeping minds engaged in a productive way, the educational game features fun matching concepts to keep children occupied for a long-time span.

  • It is made to boost problem-solving skills through personal learning experiences at home as well as preschools, classrooms and activity classes.
  • The game can help boost early learning skills such as sorting, concentration, teamwork, and visual abilities.
  • The fun learning activity set is tested by real educators and is recommended to help enhance motor skills and hand-eye coordination of early learners.
  • This fun activity gives exposure and introduces your kid to basic words and spellings which enhances their vocabulary, speaking and memory.

Product Features

  • The set has 4 playing boards, which has to be distributed among the children and, all the shapes are to be put in the bag. Each player has to take out one shape from the bag and has to place it on the playing board. The first player to finish placing all the shapes in their respective correct place is the winner.
  • The game intrigues children and enhances their visual, logical skills and problem-solving abilities. The game set makes children grasp each piece, turn & test its fit—laying the foundation for analytical thinking needed in higher grades.

            Suitable for Children aged 3+

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