Frank Play And Learn Animal Kingdom Polar Animals

by Frank

Description Includes

In this series of animal puzzles, young learners will be amazed to discover the different kinds of animals that exist around the world and the ones that were there in pre-historic times.

It is interesting to note that the existence of animals in a specific region largely depends on the weather and the natural vegetation of that area.

  • While assisting in assembling the pieces, grown-ups can discuss with the children the facts regarding the animals on the basis of the information sheet included in the box.
  • Each puzzle is 17.5 x 17.5 cm in size and focuses on one animal - polar bear (12 pieces), penguin (16 pieces), walrus (20 pieces), and arctic fox (24 pieces).
  • This set of 4 jigsaw puzzles is based on animals that can survive in the extreme cold or polar regions - Polar Bear, Penguin, Walrus, and Arctic Fox.
  • The child has to fix the puzzle pieces together in the correct manner to form the complete picture. 
  • Parents may be required initially to guide their child into this new creative activity so as to get them into the flow of arranging all the pieces correctly.
  • The trial and error involved will teach them to be patient and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Assembling the puzzle will improve the child's concentration, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking.
  • The product is made of good quality cardboard and printed using non-toxic inks.


        Suitable for Children aged 4+