Geo World Dr. Steve Hunters Ice Age Excavation Kit - Ursus Spelaeus Skeleton



This impressive prehistoric mammoth skeleton model is ready to be excavated from its block of "ice" (gypsum) and put on display!
  • Experience the excitement of a real paleontologist! use the hammer and chisel (included) to remove and clean up all the fossils avoiding to damage them: who knows what Prehistoric animal bones belong
  • Enjoy assembling the skeleton learning all the scientific information and interesting facts concerning it

The most original collection of dinosaurs: Each Model Is Represented by sculptors that faithfully reproduces the fossil remains of the Giants of the past, thanks to the supervision of paleontologist Geoworld ensures the accuracy and the scientific of its model.

Every Geoworld product: combines the dexterity to learning.

Contains tangible evidence on millions of years of history of the earth.

Gives a unique experience in the world of dinosaurs and fossils, minerals, gemstones. It is designed and designed in Italy by our team of experts and scientists.

          Product Includes:

          • A Brick of chalk from which extract the fossil remains, the instructions for rebuilding the exhibits, scientific information and the instruments of the paleontologist.
          • 21cm tall

            Suitable for Children aged 6+