Geoworld Dr. Steve Hunters - Crystal & Gem Dig Mining Kit



Dig through the rock- like material and mine crystals and gems like a real geologist! Real crystals and gemstones are selected under the supervision of expert geologist Dr. Stefano Piccini (Dr. Steve).
The illustrated booklet details the characteristics of your natural treasures.
Includes gypsum brick, hammer, chisel, brush, 4 specimen, magnifier and velvet collector's guide.
  • Discover crystal and gemstones like a real geologist!
  • Crystals and gems selected by experts in geology
  • Includes assorted specimens of agate, aventurine, jade, picture jasper, red jasper, pyrite, amethyst quartz, rock crystal, rose quartz, sodalite
  • Includes informational booklet full of real STEM learning from the Geoworld publishing house
  • Complete with everything a young geologist needs, mining tools, magnifying glass, collector's bag

      Suitable for Children aged 6+