Geoworld Dr. Steve Hunters Paleo Adventures Velociraptor vs Protoceratops Excavation Kit



The adventure doubles! Dr. Steve presents the "paleo adventure" fantastic excavation kits for young aspiring paleontologists
  • Now you can be the paleontologist who buries these rare treasures to discover the ancient history of the two Prehistoric animals hidden inside
  • These two skeletons were found intertwined in what, in the cretaceous, must surely have been an epic battle for survival. Velociraptor Rex against protoceratops!
  • After finishing the excavation of the skeletal remains using paleontological tools included in each kit, you can assemble them back to their former Glory and add them to your collection
  • Perfect for kids with a passion for geology and paleontology; an educational experience that combines science to entertainment, dexterity to learning

          Suitable for Children aged 6+