Geoworld Dr. Steve Hunters Paleo Expeditions, Velociraptor



Paleo Expeditions is a best seller! It allows kids to learn how to be like a real paleontologist as they dig up a replica of a prehistoric skeleton, using the traditional paleontologist's tools included in the kit.
Kids will be able to hammer, chisel and brush away the debris as they uncover the mysterious skeleton contained within the gypsum "rock".
Then, following the easy-to-understand assembly instructions, they can build the skeleton and create a great display piece to add to their collection.

Product Includes

  • Velociraptor skeleton comes in 14 pieces and is 10.6" long assembled
  • Comes with hammer, chisel, brush, safety goggles and plastic excavation mat
  • Also includes an illustrated poster with scientific information and Dr. Steve comics, Dr. Steve leaflet with certificate
  • Paleontologist approved

        Suitable for Children aged 6+