Geoworld Flying Monsters Pteranodon Skeleton Excavation Kit



Amazing excavations are waiting to be discovered by a little paleontologist! An interesting skeleton of a prehistoric creature is an incredible find, and when discovered and painstakingly excavated by yourself, it arouses admiration and pride not only in the discoverer. Get to know these giant dinosaurs from the inside! Have you ever dreamed of building your own dinosaur or mammoth? Buildable model kits are faithful to the original prehistoric species featured in leading world-class natural history museums! Learning and fun come together in the unique experience of assembling a model part by part.

Dr. Excavation Series Steve Hunter's line of educational toys inspired by nature is based on authentic fossils and minerals, perfectly representing perfect copies of dinosaurs and wild animals, giving even the youngest access to the amazing world of paleontology.

The Set Includes

  • Ready-made elements to assemble one model of a prehistoric creature buried in a plaster block,
  • a hammer and chisel
  • In this set there will be 13 parts of the PTERANODON skeleton, ready to assemble into an interesting model. 

When assembled, the dinosaur is 48 cm long - it looks impressive on a little explorer's shelf, either as a stand-alone item or in a whole collection of other dinosaurs.

Product Features

  • combine fun and knowledge - joy and knowledge
  • they contain real, realistic testimony of the Earth's millions of years of history
  • they provide the opportunity to learn about, arouse fascination with, prehistoric fossils, minerals, dinosaurs - they generate passion
  • projects are created in Italy, under the supervision of a geologist - paleontologist and approved by him
  • they disseminate specialized knowledge and ensure that it is accurate and faithful to scientific discoveries
  • they promote respect and teach respect for our planet Earth
  • they draw inspiration for their products from nature, which gives each model a unique character
  • they show love for nature combined with knowledge
  • they create and develop an increasingly wider group of supporters of exploring and learning through their own discoveries and play

      Suitable for Children aged 6+