Geoworld Sea Monsters Mosasaurus Skeleton Excavation Kit



This magnificent specimen of Prehistoric sea Monster is waiting to be released from the rock block that holds him captive
  • Experience the excitement of a real paleontologist! use the hammer and chisel (included) to remove and clean up all the fossils avoiding to damage them: who knows what Prehistoric animal bones belong
  • Enjoy assembling the skeleton learning all the scientific information and interesting facts concerning it
  • You will go proud because it is a faithful museum quality replica designed in Italy under the supervision of the paleontologist Stefano piccini

Product Features

  • combine fun and knowledge - joy and knowledge
  • they contain real, realistic testimony of the Earth's millions of years of history
  • they provide the opportunity to learn about, arouse fascination with, prehistoric fossils, minerals, dinosaurs - they generate passion
  • projects are created in Italy, under the supervision of a geologist - paleontologist and approved by him
  • they disseminate specialized knowledge and ensure that it is accurate and faithful to scientific discoveries
  • they promote respect and teach respect for our planet Earth
  • they draw inspiration for their products from nature, which gives each model a unique character
  • they show love for nature combined with knowledge
  • they create and develop an increasingly wider group of supporters of exploring and learning through their own discoveries and play

      Suitable for Children aged 6+