Giga Bots Energy Core Hazbot

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Product Description

HAZBOT stands 13 inches tall and is known as “Demolition Specialist”.

Wielding an energy hammer and plasma sword. HAZBOT is loud, boisterous, and his adopted saying “Go Big or Go Home!”

Millennia GIGABOTS have been trapped on Earth and lay dormant inside their energy cores.

During a recent deep core mining expedition several GIGABOTS were uncovered and activated by a massive lightning strike. Utilizing the lightning Strikes pure energy the GIGABOTS are able to reconstruct their energy core’s into their battle mode


  • The energy core transforms into an amazing 13-inch GIGABOT action figure!
  • Each GIGABOT contains 33 pieces that are easy to build using simple snap in connectors.
  • The entire case of the energy core is used in the build.
  • Children will be amazed as they watch the phenomenal transformation from energy core to large scale action figure!

Gigabots can be built up and disassembled over and over again for amazing repeat play.

  • Transform the 13-inch figure back into its energy core for travel or storage.
  • With GIGABOTS the fun never ends!

Once built your GIGABOT is fully poseable. Create a variety of different poses for your GIGABOT and get them ready for battle!

Kids will have great fun creating a variety of different battle scenes with their GIGABOT figure

    Suitable for Children aged: 5+