GLUBSCHIS Guardian Angel Key Ring 9cm Bear Glowy Bombo



NICI Glubschi's Guardian Angel Bear Glowy Bombo is a sweet guardian angel that not only delights children and young people. With the metal key ring on the head, the cuddly bear can be easily and securely attached to a key chain, backpack, school bag or bag.

The teddy with blue glittery eyes is light brown and has gold-colored wings. Bombo's inner ears are made of delicate gold-colored glitter fabric.

Bear Glowy Bombo pays very close attention and protects his owner. Guardian angels can be so sweet. 
  • Guardian angels have always been very popular with young and old. But now they come in the shape of glubschis and have the ultimate cuddle factor. This makes them an ideal gift or souvenir at a low price.

NICI Stuffed Animals and Giftware conjures a big smile on the face of both children and adults for more than 30 years. Cool keychains, learning toys from the My First NICI series or colourful GLUBSCHIS -

          Suitable for children aged 1+