Gunther Frozen Elsa Kite

by Gunther
Type: Summer Toys


The best thing about autumn: it’s kite-flying time again.

The moment children hear the autumn wind whistling, they want to get out and about. They can hardly wait to see their “flying buddies” take to the air.

Guenther Elsa single line kite is made of strong polyethylene foil. It comes with handle and kite line. It i

It can fly in very light wind. It is easy to fly. It comes with handle and kite line. 

With 3-fold adjustable kite bridle for different wind speeds. Complete with handle and line.

  • Size: 115cm x 63 cm
  • Wind: 15-40 km/h

Product Features:

  • Made from robust PE-foil
  • Complete with handle and line
  • Already flies in light wind
  • Adjustable bridle for strong/ intermediate/ light wind
  • Very easy to fly

Suitable for Children aged 4+