Hama Beads Giant Gift Box

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by Hama


We have a lot of fun creating new shapes and trying new colour combinations with HAMA beads! The coloured beads are embedded on the stick tray depending on the model or according to his desires!

The patterns can be changed as desired before attachment to the iron.

This maxi pearl set, designed for children is ideal for stimulating concentration, fine motor skills, as well as learning colours and shapes!

Contents Includes:

  • Approx. 900 beads with diameter 1 cm.,
  • 3 transparent plates: bear, whale and turtle,
  • 5 supports for made patterns,
  • 2 sheets of models in colour, instructions and ironing paper.

              Product Features

              • 1. Place the beads.
              • 2. Cover the pattern with the ironing paper and then iron with a very hot iron. 
              • 3. Remove the resulting pattern from the base plate that is reusable.

              Suitable for children aged: 3+