Hama Beads Mickey Mouse and his friends

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by Hama


This box contains 4000 beads (midi size), 2 large square plates, 2 sheets of colour models, instructions and ironing paper.

Product Desciption

 The child places the beads of different colours on the pimpled plate and creates his pattern following the sheet of models in colour or giving free rein to his inspiration.

  • An adult irons the pattern made by inserting a sheet of "special ironing" paper between the iron and the pattern made by the child. Allow to cool before detaching the pattern from the plate.
  • The beads are welded (and are no longer reusable) but the plate is reusable.
  • The motifs make it possible to create decor subjects for the children's room, mobiles 

            Suitable for children aged: 6+