Hama Beads Pony World

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by Hama


Hama Pearls - creative play for children

Through playing with Hama beads, children learn to recognize colours and shapes, grasping small objects and getting an impression of quantities.

  • With a few Hama staple plates and a fair amount of colourful Hama beads, your imagination can run wild.
  • The most popular way to play with Hama beads is to put beads on the pegboard and then iron it, so that the design becomes permanent.

                  Product Includes

                  • Approx. 4000 beads, 
                  • 1 large square and
                  • 1 horse pegboards,
                  • 16 bead supports, 
                  • Colour printed design sheet,
                  • Instructions and
                  • ironing paper

                  Suitable for children aged: 6+