Hama Beads The Princess

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by Hama


The Disney thermal mosaic superset from the Midi 5+ series creates a lot of room for imagination in children's creativity.

The set will allow the kid to make figurines, which can be used as decoration or Christmas toys. Functionally, this is a kind of mosaic, the elements of which are plastic multi-coloured beads in the form of a cylinder. The main difference from the usual mosaic is the ability to save the resulting picture for a long time and even turn it into a figure.

  • Drawings are created from beads strung on the pins of the base - special tablets or shapes. The resulting pattern is subjected to heat treatment, that is, it is heated with an iron through a special thermal paper (tracing paper).
  • In this case, a small top layer of plastic is melted, fastening the beads together. Then the drawing is removed from the tablet, and after cooling, it is separated from the thermal paper.

Suitable for Children aged 6+