Hasbro Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Type: Board Games


Cheat with Monopoly! How well do you blast it? If cheat falls out, go to prison!

Protecting the rules, bending and breaking are up to you!

Let your dreams and conspiracy come true! Get more money when you go through the "GO", get the dice eye, get your money out of the bank, stepping over rental fees, and do the best cheat possible.

When cheat falls out, you can handcuff and go to prison!

Enjoy the thrilling psychological battle!

For 2-4 players

Set includes:

  • Game board,
  • plastic handcuffs,
  • 6 commas,
  • 22 rights cards,
  • 15 cheat cards,
  • 16 chance cards,
  • 16 community fund cards,
  • 16 hotels,
  • 2 dice,
  • money bill,
  • bunk tray,
  • game guide

Suitable for Children aged 8+