Hermione Costume

by Ciao
Type: Costumes


Cool Ciao Srl. costume to represent Hermione from Harry Potter.

The Set consists of a cape in black with red inside and a red detail on the back. On the chest is a print of the Gryffindor coat of arms. A white collar with a red and yellow tie is included. The white collar goes down to the stomach, so it looks like you are wearing a shirt.

Ciao Srl. the costume is super smart. The white collar and shirt close with velcro so that it fits as it should. The cape can be opens at the front with a button.

With this costume, you can cast your own spells and fight evil monsters just like Hermione from Harry Potter.

    Sizes Available

    • Years 7-9
    • Years 9-11

    Ideal for Carnival, birthdays, parties, theme parties, shows, etc

          Suitable for Children aged: 7-11 years