Hollywood Rides Fast 7 Furious Jeep

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Type: Vehicles


Live a quarter mile at a time. The Fast & Furious franchise is known for having some of the coolest cars in movies and the 1:24 collection is no exception!

The Jeep Gladiator is featured in Fast & Furious 9. The 1:24 scale Jeep Gladiator is approx. 20cm long, freewheeling and has opening doors and an opening trunk.

Authentic die-cast replica from the Fast & Furious films.

Product Features

  • Help the gang in high-speed car pursuits.
  • Help the team against formidable foes.
  • Lead the team on daring car chases and outwit the cops.
  • HAVE FUN - Play with friends and race the Fast 7 furious Jeep around towns.

Suitable for children aged 8+