Hot Wheels Monster Trucks HW Transforming Rhinomite

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Type: Vehicles


Drive the crashing, smashing and boosting with the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks HW Transforming Rhinomite RC! This 1:12 scale remote-control Monster Truck features massive tires, authentic decos and Dynamite Mode the large-scale Monster Truck transforms into a motorized booster for smaller, 1:64 scale Monster Trucks. It's capable of launching them up to three feet! One 1:64 scale Race Ace is included store it in the bed of the larger truck during RC play and then launch it through the booster after the big transformation. Perform cool tricks like 360-wheelies and reach speeds up to 6 mph. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Kids drive the destruction with the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks HW Transforming Rhinomite RC with a 1:12 remote-control Monster Truck that transforms into a booster for 1:64 scale Monster Trucks.
  • The full-function RC has tank steering and two-wheel drive that makes it tough and destructive just like Rhinomite's character! It can drive over standard indoor flooring and mixed terrains like dirt, grass and die-cast cars.
  • Perform cool stunts like a 360-wheelie spin with Rhinomite propped up on its back wheels!
  • Go into Dynamite Mode by transforming Rhinomite into a motorized booster that can launch 1:64 scale Monster Trucks up to 3 feet. It also connects to Hot Wheels tracks to launch trucks off to new adventures. (Hot Wheels track sold separately.)
  • Includes 1 Hot Wheels Monster Truck Race Ace in 1:64 scale that can be launched through the booster and stored in the bed of the larger truck.
  • Recharge with the USB cable for 20 minutes of charge time and 2 hours of play. The 2.4 GHz frequency on the remote control prevents interference and allows for multiple RC vehicles to be played with at once.
  • Makes a great gift for the rugged and destructive Hot Wheels Monster Trucks fan 5 years old and up.