INTEX 28515 Set of benches for a whirlpool

by Intex
Type: Spa


INTEX 28515 is a set of 4 benches compatible with INTEX hot tubs for 4 people.

This bench is compatible with INTEX 4-person hot tubs and can be combined to create a larger bench and provide seating or a flat surface for towels, snacks and drinks.

Combine with several bench packs to create comfortable seating.

The height of 42cm for two benches and 60cm for the other two benches gives these benches a large enough profile for comfort, but not so large as to be cumbersome. Each bench has a load capacity of up to 160 kg, so it is sufficiently durable and strong.

These benches fold flat for convenient storage. Clean storage with quick and easy setup makes these benches a simple addition to take your hot tub to the next level.

The bench is made of UV-resistant plastic.

Package contents

  • 2 pcs of low benches (42cm)
  • 2 high benches (60cm)