Intex Krystal Clear 2100 GPH 7900 L/h Swimming Pool Sand Filter 26646

by Intex


The purifier is the complement that your removable pool needs to keep the water in the best conditions all year round.

Within the INTEX range of sand purifiers you have a wide variety of models to choose from depending on the water capacity of the pool.

Likewise, this model of Krystal Clear® sand treatment plant with an hourly filtration capacity of 7,900 litres is recommended for INTEX above ground pools of up to 37,800 liters.

  • These filtration equipment are characterised by being ecological, economical and effective.
  • In addition, its maintenance is very simple since you only have to replace the sand or glass every 5 years approximately.
  • The sand filtration system is made with silica or glass sand, which is located in the treatment plant tank.
  • This model has a 30.5 cm tank and has a capacity for 23 Kg of No. 20 silica sand or 16 Kg of glass sand.
  • The operation of the sand treatment plant is very simple.
  • With the manual valve you choose one of the 6 available programs and from the new digital panel you start the treatment plant.
  • Here you can also program its automatic on and off as well as the hours you want it to be in operation or lock and unlock the buttons on the panel for greater security.

Product Features

  • New digital panel with 24h programming function, lock / unlock and on and off, manual valve with 6 programs
  • 2 connection tubes of 38 mm diameter, suitable for pools Easy Set, Metal Frame, Prism Frame, Oval Frame, Oval Prism Frame, Graphite Panel Gray and Ultra Frame
  • INTEX Hydro Aeration Technology, exclusive system to improve water quality and purity while improving filtration

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