Intex Coloured Swirly Whirly Tubes

by Intex
Type: Summer Toys


A colorful swimming ring is a great addition to summer relaxation by the water. It not only provides fun and relaxation, but also an additional sense of security, especially for people who are not confident in their swimming skills.

The wheel is equipped with two durable and stable handles ensuring comfort of use and a large size - 91 cm, ensuring comfort when spending time on the water.

Made of durable vinyl, our colorful wheel is the perfect choice for children aged 9 and up, ensuring they have safe and fun fun on holiday

Moreover, the colourful circle is a characteristic element of holiday photos and is a perfect setting for creating unforgettable memories with family and friends. Thanks to its versatility and practicality, the colorful swimming ring becomes an irreplaceable companion for summer adventures by the water.


  • Colorful graphics
  • 2 strong handles
  • Big size

    Suitable for Children aged: 9+

    Please note - this item is available in different designs; you will get a randomly selected product from the range at our toyshop, pre-selection is not possible unless you visit our toyshop.