Intex Foot Bath 29080

by Intex


Clean your feet before entering your pool with the Intex Foot Bath.

Our INTEX Foot Bath for Pool is a great solution to a common pool problem. It will keep your feet clean and dry, and it’s easy to put together!

Put an end to bringing dirt and grass into your Pool with the convenient Intex Pool Foot Bath!

The Foot Bath easily connects to any Intex ladder.

Simply fill with water and enjoy rinsing your feet before entering the pool. The anti-slip bottom is designed for your safety.

Product Features

  • This lightweight and inexpensive plastic tray allows swimmers to rinse their feet before entering the pool to cut down on debris and dirt
  • Easily connects to most pool ladders
  • Anti-slip bottom designed for safety
  • Size: 56 x 46 x 9cm