Intex Inflatable Camping Mat 189cm x 72cm x 20cm

by Intex
Type: Camping


A quick, easy and lightweight sleeping solution when camping is this Camping Airbed.

Its corrugated construction provides a supportive sleeping surface that's ideal for the outdoors.

Containing a soft laminate at the bottom and top for added comfort and durability, you can sleep soundly anywhere, your next outdoor adventure awaits...

Internal system of partitions - longitudinal, vertical-beam. 

The principle of longitudinal beams is considered the most common, because continuous longitudinal partitions exclude subsidence. The principle of longitudinal partitions - evenly distributes the load on the seams of the product, thereby increasing the service life.


  • Dimensions: 189 cm x 72 cm x 20 cm
  • Unique construction with 2 extra strong laminated layers; colour: white surface and blue base
  • 6 vertical slats side and wavy surface with rounded edges
  • Mattress weight: 1.85 kg
  • Single inflatable mat; maximum weight bearing: 136 kg