Intex Inflatable Pure Spa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Pool (218cm x 71cm) 28462

by Intex
Type: Spas


Rectangular with eco steriliser, perfect for enjoying moments of intense relaxation and well-being alone or in company.

The Intex 28462 inflatable whirlpool is part of the Jet & Bubble Deluxe range of inflatable spas, which combines the characteristics of the Intex Bubble whirlpools (140 jets of massage bubbles) with the characteristics of the Intex Jet whirlpools (6 powerful directional massage jets). The product is also supplied with a chlorine salt generator, thanks to which it is not necessary to use chemical products in the water. From Intex's great experience and deep knowledge in the market of swimming pools and water filtering systems, a new and revolutionary product has been created: PureSpa.

Made with FiberTechTM technology, i.e. thousands of filaments that give the product exceptional resistance to loads. This means that compared to other similar products, inflatable walls are much more stable and solid when entering and leaving the pool. This item comes with 2 inflatable headrests cushions. Another important feature is the quietness of the whirlpool system, which is very important for a relaxation area. As indicated in the technical characteristics, the patented Intex anti-limescale system guarantees a long life. It is also equipped with a filtering system designed to filter water (flow capacity: 1.7 m3/h).

Product Details

  • The presence of a wireless touch tablet that allows you to control the Spa. This tablet can be placed on the structure or left on the technical unit.
  • Elegant and trendy design: black inside and outside
  • Comfort of use thanks to the foam base and the solidity of the structure
  • 1.68m internal diameter to accommodate 6 people
  • A rapid rise in temperature (average 2°C/h) up to 40 degrees
  • 140 bubble diffusers and 6 adjustable and intensity-adjustable massage jets
  • Natural water disinfection without chemicals thanks to the integrated saline eco-steriliser (exclusive to Intex)
  • Controlled power consumption: 0.8 KW/h in filtration mode and 2.2 KW/h in heating mode.

In addition, bubbles and jets can be activated together or separately on the Intex Spa.
You will be seduced by its complete control panel, very practical to use.

It is wireless and works for 48 hours outside its holder thanks to a powerful battery.

It can be placed on the attachment on the inflatable structure for better comfort of use.

At the touch of a button, 140 toning bubble diffusers or 6 adjustable, intensity-adjustable massage jets are activated for even more relaxation! The jet pressure is between 0.48 and 0.69 bar.

The new smart control panel will allow you to control:

  • Inflating the structure
  • The filtering system
  • Heating and temperature
  • The disinfection time of the eco-sterilizer

Accessories included with the Intex 28462 Pure Spa:

  • 1 inflatable heat cover to prevent heat loss equipped with 8 lockable attachments for child safety
  • 2 durable handles for easy handling
  • 1 Storage and transport bag for the hot tub
  • 1 thermal base sheet to protect the bottom of the SPA
  • 2 filter cartridges
  • 2 inflatable headrests cushions
  • 1 dvd for mounting


  • people capacity: 6
  • bathtub size: 218 x 71 cm
  • water capacity: 1098 litres
  • inside/outside diameter: 168 cm / 218 cm
  • height: 71cm
  • material: PVC Laminated TRIPLE layer
  • internal structure: 48 Fiber-Tech BeamsTM
  • motor for water jets: 650 W /220-240 V
  • Bubble blower: 800 W /220-240 V
  • Jet pressure: 0.48/0.69 bar
  • Heater: 2200W/220-240V
  • Pump flow: 1.7 m3 / hr
  • 10 W anti-limescale treatment
  • chlorinator: 20 W
  • temperature: 20° - 40° C
  • temperature rise: 1.5° - 2.5° C/hr
  • directional hydromassage jets: 6
  • fast assembly times within 15 min (assembly) and 50 min (filling and commissioning).
  • salt ecosterilizer
  • filter cartridges