Intex Pool Maintenance Kit 28003

by Intex


The ultimate in pool maintenance kits, the Intex Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit is perfect for keeping Intex pools clean and fresh for swim time.

Includes 110" (2.79m) telescoping aluminium pole for use with 18' (5.49m) diameter pools and above

  • Minimum filtration pump flow rate required: 1,000 gal/h (3,785L/h)
  • Vacuum sucks debris off the pool floor and through the filter
  • Attaches to the outlet connector in the pool with a 24' 7" (7.50m) hose
  • Durable and deep mesh skimmer net
  • Shelf box 3 ea, 24.8 lb (11.3 kg)

Product Features

Pool maintenance kit consists of:

  • a sheet includes a cleaner absorption,
  • a brush for walls and
  • interchangeable pole.
  • Suitable for pools with a minimum sewage 5,600 litres / hour.
  • The cleaner works by harnessing the power of absorption of the treatment plant.
  • It incorporates a prefilter which prevents the filter cartridge is saturated.