Intex Pure Spa Greystone Deluxe 239 X 71 cm 6 places 28452

by Intex
Type: Spas


Square garden jacuzzi for 6 people - INTEX 28452

Discover unrivaled comfort and luxury with the PureSpa Greywood Deluxe square inflatable garden jacuzzi from INTEX, model 28452 . 

This unique product, made of three-layer, laminated PVC material, guarantees not only durability and puncture resistance, but also an aesthetic appearance that will delight everyone. 

With dimensions of 239 cm x 239 cm x 71 cm and a capacity of 1,098 liters, it was designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for up to 6 people, making it an ideal place to relax in your garden or on the terrace.

Relax in a home SPA - square inflatable jacuzzi

This modern square jacuzzi is characterized by the presence of 170 bubble jets, which are easy to use thanks to the intuitive control panel. These jets provide a deep hydromassage, enveloping the body with relaxing air streams, which guarantees a unique relaxation experience .

  • Additionally, the jacuzzi is equipped with an advanced water treatment system, including hard water treatment and a salt water treatment system (20W Salt Water System). Both of these systems work together to ensure the highest water quality, which not only contributes to a better bathing experience, but also helps protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of pollutants.
  • Additionally, thanks to the use of innovative Fiber-Tech technology, the square PureSpa Greywood Deluxe jacuzzi is characterized by increased durability and shape stability, which allows you to comfortably lean on the edges of the jacuzzi without fear of their deflection.

Product Features

  • The equipment of the INTEX 28452 model also includes a water heating and filtering pump, which ensures cleanliness and appropriate water temperature ranging from 10°C to 40°C, making each jacuzzi session an experience perfectly tailored to individual preferences. 
  • Additionally, the square inflatable jacuzzi has a number of accessories such as a safety cover fastened with buckles, an inflatable cover, a heat mat, headrests, an LED lamp, and even detailed assembly instructions and a transport bag, which makes use and maintenance extremely simple.
  • The 28452 INTEX model is more than just a square inflatable jacuzzi - it is an investment in health, relaxation and unforgettable moments spent with family and friends. Enjoy the luxury of hydromassage and water treatment in the comfort of your own garden, experiencing the highest level of relaxation every day.