Intex Ultra XTR Frame Round Pool (488cm x122cm) 26326

by Intex
Type: Pools


INTEX 26326 Intex Ultra XTR is a prefabricated pool with metal construction, with extremely fast and easy installation and dismantling, portability or seasonal use. 

The pool is made of high quality materials, ensuring its and your safety.

Swimming pool round shape Intex ultra XTR frame pool size 488x122 cm bring joy and pleasure in hot summer days to you and your family.

  • "Ultra frame" is a series of basins with a metal frame that are installed quickly and without any additional tools. The metal frame consists of connecting corners, jumper tubes and racks. All parts are painted with powder coating and are particularly resistant to abrasion and rust. Frame prefabricated pools are a simple and inexpensive alternative to stationary expensive pools. The material of the basin bowl is made using super-tough technology made of high-quality PVC. This is a dense reinforced material of three soldered layers: two layers of dense vinyl and a mesh of polyester.

No special soil preparation is required to install the structure:

  • Swimming pool unfolded on flat surface and sharp objects
  • Consistently collect the frame (necessarily according to the instructions!)
  • Check the drain valve and wrap it tightly
  • Connect the equipment to the special holes in the pool
  • Next, the pool should be filled with water, periodically straightening the walls and folds of the material.

With a water filling of about 90%, the pool takes its final shape and becomes stable. The pool from below is equipped with a drain valve. In order to drain the water, you need to attach to any garden hose an adaptor that comes complete with a pool. Unscrew the valve plug and screw the adaptor, while the drain valve opens itself. You can drain the water at any convenient place for you.

  • In the complete set with the pool there is a comfortable and easy two-sided staircase. It is made of metal racks with coating from rust and abrasion. The steps are made of reinforced plastic.
  • The pool is equipped with a litter and a shelter awning. The litter protects the bottom of the pool from cuts, mechanical damage and abrasion. Porous "breathable" material of the litter will prevent the accumulation of water, and with this and the prohibition of moisture under Swimming pool.

The shelter awning protects against falling into the water of leaves, branches, dirt and dust, keeps the water clean. .


  • Diameter: 488 cm
  • Height: 122 cm
  • Water volume (when filling the pool by 90%): 19156 L
  • Basin bowl material: 3 layer PVC reinforced with polyester mesh
  • Basin color: gray
  • Frame: metal tubes painted with powder coating
  • The filter pump requires 18 kg of purified silica sand (sand is purchased optional)


  • Basin bowl-1 pc
  • Basin frame (metal tubes) - 1 set
  • Sand filter pump for water purification, Capacity: 4542 L/H-1 pc
  • Corrugated hoses 38mm with couplings for connecting the system-2 pcs.
  • Drain Valve (installed in the pool) - 1 pc.
  • Adapter for drain valve-1 pc.
  • Repair Kit-1 pc
  • Threaded connector with coupling on the holes of the pool-2 pcs.
  • Adjustable nozzle for pool inlet-1 pc
  • Plunger valve-2 PCs
  • Ladder-1 pc
  • Shelter awning for the pool-1 pc.
  • Litter for the pool-1 pc.

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