John Adams Flip Fact Shoot

Type: Kids Games


Shoot is a game of two halves. Know your facts to win the match!

Calling all football fans! Take on family and friends in this game of footballing higher or lower. Lay out your teams, toss the coin and kick-off! The first player reads their fact and guesses whether the answer is high or lower than the preceding card. Guess correctly and there’s a chance to move up the pitch. Guess incorrectly and play passes to your opponent.

It’s end to end action. Reveal all your cards correctly and score! With 150 fun footballing facts covering different eras, competitions and players, plus three additional mini games, there’s lots of fun for all the family. Be the team to beat!

Age Suitability: 6+

Includes: 150 cards, 1 coin, 4 formation cards, 2 substitute cards, 6 forfeit cards.