John Adams Munchin Monkey

Type: Kids Games


Meet Charlie the cheeky monkey. The only thing he loves more than playing in his tree is eating. His favourite food is coconuts and he especially likes being hand-fed! Unfortunately, our Charlie often eats too much… and his nappy just can’t cope! Munchin’ Monkey is the eating, swinging, nappy splitting game! Roll the dice and feed Charlie his coconuts and coconut water. Watch his nappy get fuller and fuller and bulge when he eats too much! Can you be the first to burst Charlie’s nappy to win?!

  • Includes fun interactive sounds!
  • Batteries included!
  • For 2-4 players

Age Suitability: 4+

Includes: Charlie the monkey, tree & base, food bowl & spoon, 20 coconuts, 30 tissue nappies, dice, instructions