LeapFrog Match & Learn Cookies



Learning letters is a tasty treat with Match & Learn Cookies™. Little pastry chefs can pretend to make and bake 26 yummy-looking letter cookies. Press each colorful cookie into the tray to hear letter names, letter sounds, colors and flavors. Now you’re cooking! Take the cookies off the tray and serve the sweet treats to friends and family.

Let’s bake more cookies. Listen closely to hear which cookie to bake based on the name of the letter, the sound it makes, the frosting color or its flavor.

Find the letter A with red frosting. It’s an apple cookie. Match the correct cookie to the letter-shaped cookie tray cutouts to bake the perfect batch.

Chip, chip hooray! Celebrate success by pressing the light-up oven button and sing along to a baking song. You’re one smart cookie.

Product Features

  • Includes 26 colorful cookie letters that pop out of the tray for pretend play.
  • Choose ABC mode and press the letter cookies into the tray to hear the letter names and the sound they make.
  • Pretend to frost each cookie in Decorate mode by pressing the cookies into the tray to hear the color and flavor.
  • Listen closely and find the cookies to bake and match them to the cutouts.
  • Listen to the song and play along by putting the cookie letters into the tray.
  • Press the light-up oven button to hear a baking song and encouraging phrases.

    Suitable for Children aged: 2+